Even though 60% of Indian population engaged in agriculture activities, nobody is having concern for the conditions of the farmers. Farmerís economy is very poor. Every year the rate of migration to cities in search of their livelihood is increasing. Poor credit delivery of banks is also responsible for the worst cultivation of the rural areas.

The farmers face lot of difficulties in getting quality seeds, weed management, pest management, manure inputs and so on. The farmers are confused and exploited by so many seed and fertilizer companies. Farmers in the villages do not have feeling to know about their soil, its components and its fertility for suitable crop cultivation.

The ashram has broad knowledge about the farming techniques because of the demonstration fields and its wide linkage with the agri scientists, experts and leading farmers of our Tamil Nadu. The viability of generating vast employment opportunities is more in Agriculture sector than any other industrial sector. Employment can be easily given to all rural uneducated youth even with any formal training.

Hence the need of the hour is to boast agriculture and create small scale agri-entrepreneurs and to reinstate the feeling of dignity of labour in the minds of the farmers. Keeping the problems of farmers in view, the ashram has plunged into the oceanic problems of the farmers to save them to the extent possible without waiting for favourable climate.

To attend these problems of the farmers, the ashram runs a Centre for Sustainable Agriculture with the objectives of

  • Disseminating the traditional knowledge and wisdom of farming.
  • Providing counseling and service to the farmers in seed management, water management, cropping pattern, pest management, modern equipments and marketing.
  • Popularising the modern farming techniques
  • Solving the social, economical and personal problems of farmers


  • Agriculture Clinic cum Consultation Centre
  • Farmers Awareness Exhibition Centre
  • Seed Bank
  • Soil Testing Laboratory
  • Metrological Unit
  • Nursery
  • Mushroom Cultivation
  • Bio Gas Plant
  • Herbal Exhibition Centre
  • Documentation Centre
  • Demonstration Fields
  • Other Special Training programmes for formers

Now the Krishi Centre is concentrating on Organic farming, Vermi compost, Bio-pest control methods like Panchakavyam, Azolla Cultivation, Seed preservation, and various training programmes for farmers on new cultivation methods.

Our agricultural activities include the following:

Progressive Organic farmer in S.Pudhur village

Sri. K. Gurumurthy is a progressive farmer of S. Pudur village of semmanagur Panchayat. He was awarded second prize for best urad cultivation in the district and proudly showed the cheque of Rs.10,000/- given to him. His production was 1,115 Kg in one hectare. The Ashram persuaded him to adopt the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) method, also known as single straw method, in 20 cents of land. This resulted in considerable saving in seed rate. He said that against 35 Kg of seeds, he sowed only 3 Kg of seeds per acre. Though yield has falled from 36 bags to 32 bags in his 20 cents, he hopes to increase to 42 bags next year. He adopted organic farming in sugarcane also and has seen increase in yield from 40 tonnes to 47 tonnes per acre. He is also doing vermiculture under the guidance of the Ashram.

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