Flood Relief Programme

Flood Relief Programme in Cuddalore district by Sri Sarada Ashram

Dear well wishers,


It is known to everyone that Tamilnadu was hit with an unprecedented heavy rainfall causing floods everywhere. Especially, the people of Cuddalore district and Villupuruam district coastal areas are affected a lot. It is really pathetic to see the victims of flood. .

Flood washed away thousands of houses, cattle. Few human beings were also drowned. The poor villagers have become homeless. The houses filled with marshy soil made them unable to live. People are staying in relief camps, schools and community buildings.

Since all the cultivable lands are inundated in floods, people could not get the daily labour for the past one month. It would be difficult for them to get any work for atleast one more month. Hence they find it difficult to earn their every day food. Many have become sick and depressed.

The Ashram sisters are working tirelessly for the past 15 days by surveying in the villages, giving solace to the flood victims and distributing flood relief materials like hot food packets, snacks, biscuits, bread, Sarees, blouse, inskirts, Sanitary napkins, Dhotis, shirts, towels, Nylon mats, blankets, cooking utensils, Rice, groceries like Dhal, Oil, Rava, Sugar, tamarind, Salt, Sambar Powder, Vegetables, mosquito coils and other things needed to them.

So far we have gone to 25 villages and the survey is still going on. Relief materials are issued to 22 villages. The work is being carried on in a war footing. Few kind hearted persons contributed their mite for this cause. Many have volunteered their services. We know that our well wishers are so confident of the service being done by our ashram and the benefits will reach the victims properly.

We request you to kindly extend your warm helping hands during this time of crisis to give solace to our village brothers and sisters.

The help you render will give you punyam and bring the divine grace of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi. Our sincere help along with the prayers of Sanyasin sisters will safeguard you and your family as a Divine Shield.

Thanking you,
Yours in Lord,
Sisters of Sri Sarada Ashram

Donations are exempted under 80G IT Act.
Sri Sarada Ashram - Relief Materials distribution

Flood Relief - Survey by Sri Sarada Ashram,Ulundurpet Sisters

Flood Relief - Survey by Sri Sarada Ashram,Ulundurpet Sisters