We realize the value of nourishing children not only with knowledge but also with distinguished features of moral values and we work day in and day out towards this. The spirit of brotherhood in its true sense is the unique feature of all our Gurukulites. Each student is trained with a self-disciplined lifestyle in the Gurukula pattern, which they continue even after they leave the institution.

The watchwords of each Gurukulite are based on the powerful saying of our Swamiji, "An ideal student, irrespective of the hurdles faced would be stubborn in his attitude and would reach his goal with perseverance and tenacity."

We take students on a Exposure Tour every year, which is not just for travelling pleasure but also serves as a phenomenal life experience for the individual.

Our educational activities include the following:

We value your right to education

Neela is a motherless child, she also lost her father recently. Her step-mother works as a brick chamber laborer. Her two sisters were sent to do menial jobs due to their extremely poor financial conditions.

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