Few words for your heart.

Every human being is having a good heart. Here, the heart means not the physical blood pumping organ. The real feeling which will come spontaneously when somebody is in difficult condition. When our society is in deteriorated condition, we must become very seious and also when our Nation is in such condition. Everyone of us should gird up our lions to come forward to make things alright.

We should not wait till the God takes 'AVATAR' to bring back normalcy. This vital idea has to be imbibed atleast by those who have 'humanistic feeling' even in less degree. It is the high time to go to the unconscious minds of our people to raise their hidden potential power.

This can be done by some living role models who could sacrifice everything for the welfare of others. It is only a human endeavor with divine blessings. Establishing one spiritual organization is not an easy thing. Living for noble aim and working for a great cause would become a laughable thing in this modern world.

Inspite of all these hardships, there some spiritual seeds sown by divine hands happens in every period of time. When the spiritual plant grows like big Baniyan Tree. It helps the society a lot.

Present Powerful Social Current!

We may feel that today, India is progressing by leaps & bounds. A great senese of pride associates us with the modern industries, sky touching infrastructures and ultra modern life styles. An era governed by information technology propelled by micro chips at the cost of humanitarian values in every aspect of human life.

But this abundant growth has hardly trickled down only a few kilometers of big cities and stopped without touching any village. Indians majority still relay on the unreliable agriculture! The inevitable poverty of farmers has become immeasurable.

The cultivation field is parched without water. But overflowing tears from farmers' eyes can never be used for cultivation. Education is not at all an attractive subject for rural children. Unhygienic condition of villages are the storehouse of all diseases. Ordinary medical help could not come near the poor people even with affordable cost. Minor illness can only be forgotten automatically by new major disease.

The old are left uncared on streets. Modern thinkers define them only as unprofitable bundles of bones and fleshes.and also a living burden of family economy. So many pages of the history of the poor people have become blank without any assuring words about the future.

  • What is the solution to this prolonged miseries?
  • Where is the proper solution?
  • Who is going to work for this?

These paramount questions are ringing continuously in the minds of rural people & good hearted urban people! Our higher educational institutions miserably failed to answer these questions!

Our intelligentia uses only many jargons to explain these questions! Our economists draw only many poverty lines without answering these questions! But descendants of Rishis will not keep quite.