Rain Water Harvesting

We strongly believe in the concept of 'catch water where it falls', especially due to the increasing ground water exploitation and global warming. 'Varunalaya' is a permanent exhibition centre established by our ashram with the assistance of CAPRAT, RC, and Hyderabad. Fifty technologies are depicted through working models and panels to explain the importance of water conservation and rain water harvesting.

It is established to give exposure to various categories of people like villagers, members of Self help groups, NGOs, farmers, school and college students. Also, the visitors can select the appropriate technology according to their terrain and implement the same in their area.

The Rain Centre was inaugurated on the 6th of July, 2007, by Srimathi Shantha Sheela Nair I.A.S., Secretary of Govt. of India, Ministry of Rural development, Dept. of Drinking water supply, New Delhi. More than 650 villages and officials from various departments attended the programme and were much inspired.