VIVEKANANDA SEVA PRATISHTAN (VSP) - Service Unit of the Ashram

Poverty, illiteracy, ill health, family problems, instable occupations have created an acute vulnerability in villagers' life. To work hard and to eradicate this prolonged miseries, Vivekananda Seva Pratishtan - the service wing of the ashram- set out on a mission showering the lights of transformation in every aspect of the village life with strategic plans and result oriented performances.

By absolute hard work and incessant efforts the dedicated Sanyasin sisters are trying to go near the heart of the people. The areas of education, medicine, agriculture, family welfare culture and socio economic activities and relief services for the village poor and downtrodden have become our fields. VSP functions tirelessly with a nobler mission and foresighted vision for the upliftment of the village masses.

We value your right to education

Neela is a motherless child, she also lost her father recently. Her step-mother works as a brick chamber laborer. Her two sisters were sent to do menial jobs due to their extremely poor financial conditions.

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